Every work should be done on time

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Of course, every ordinary person has a lot of spare time left. But everyone is seen complaining that they are short of time. There is no time to kill due to casualties and running. But this is far from truth. They have illusion of abundance of work and lack of time. This is reason for confusion. That is, people do all their karma in a chaotic and chaotic manner. So that karma which takes much time than it takes. work is not completed and always on head. day passes, night comes, and many things remain untold. Person understand that they have much work and less time, which keeps them upset and anxious all time.

This work should be done according to time and work done for scheduled time is done with complete diligence and strength without destroying even a single moment, so no work takes more time than expected. All work will be completed in time. People do not give time and work. When you caught job you wanted and left. There is time for work but it has been alas. Just thinking of doing it. Or doing slowly. He sat down and started sobbing. These are such defects which only spoil time and also do not allow any work to be completed with full success. Diagnosis remains lack of time and work is done.

If plans for work to be done are already in place, it should be certain that which work should be started at what time and finish it, then it will not be a problem. Be put to work as soon as time comes and effort should be finished by time. simplest and appropriate solution to this is that all work of second day should be planned in night, which work should be started at beginning of day and by which time it should be finished. So there is no reason that every work should start at its own scheduled time and not end at right time.

Many people start thinking about what to do today – when work day starts. Do not know how much work time is spent in this thinking. If you start work after spoiling a lot of time in advance, then it is natural that there will be a shortage of time and work will be incomplete, which will become even more heavy for second day.

Resident work is more distasteful than food. Therefore, it is wise that work done on second day should be fixed at night. Their order and time should also be determined, and as soon as day starts, they should be engaged without spoiling a single moment and should be done with full diligence and meditation. In this way, every necessary work will be completed in time and there will be a lot of free time left, by using it properly, a person can become an officer of additional profit and progress. Complaints of lack of time and excess of work are incorrect. It is fault of disorganization that sometimes causes such confusion.


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