Lack of confidence make work harder

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When a society whose ideology becomes dominant in the philosophy of philosophy, then its fall is inevitable. Where Karma inspires a man to labor, effort, and effort, fatalism pushes him towards laziness, stagnation, and anguish. In this way, one leads to progress and light and the other to fall and darkness.

The thought power of one who is fatalistic is frustrated — because the fatalist does not think creatively about anything. There remains a belief in front of him that whatever will happen in a big fortune, it is useless to try. Although a human being cannot be completely passive due to being a conscious creature, he will have to move a few hands and feet — even then, being a fatalist, he considers himself inactive. Even what he himself is doing, he considers it an inspiration of fate. Due to a lack of confidence in self-pride and hard work, he does not get the desired fruit in any direction and then by mourning the failure, his faith in the deeds is further increased. Due to which the day-to-day tragedy is received, the fatalist one day becomes badly miserable.

Fatalism is actually ignorance – darkness. Any success-failure, loss-gain or happiness-sorrow, the ignorant who do not know for it exactly, consider it to be a fortune or a fortune. The way a patient does not know the exact cause of his disease due to his ignorance, he considers it to be periodic or inherited and cannot himself be given any remedy or treatment. But a doctor who knows the cause of the same disease does not consider him lucky. He finds his cause and treats accordingly. Still, the ignorant person appreciates his destiny by not giving any special credit to the doctor’s treatment in the recovery, while the knowledgeable person does not give his credit to the fate and recognizes the remedy and treatment.

By not believing in fatalistic karma, it is also ignorant of its method. He does not know that success is subject to karma and there is a method of doing karma, there is a method. Can’t it be said to only perform actions Success comes from working according to the purpose? Just doing something cannot serve the purpose. In such a situation, the fatalist gets most of the failure, which results in him believing in more fatalism and starts to get rid of Karma.

If one is not caught in the ignorance of fatalism, then he must discover the reasons for his failure, find out the lack of his method of work and try to overcome them with more zeal in an improved manner and then he must surely go towards success. Let’s go. But being caught in ignorance of fatalism, he does not consider these useful things and gets discharged directly by blaming fate. What else can this symptom do except going into the pit of collapse?


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