People should learns to time management

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In twenty-four hours, more and more ordinary people work for eight-ten hours. The rest of the time is left with them. In that wasted time, about eight hours of bathing and washing go out of sleep, even then it is completely useless for four to six hours. During this time, people either roam around here and there or chat with friends, playing cards or chess. Many people go to the cinema or disguise at the same time, or sit in the house with their wife and run a rule over children, which causes domestic discord. The environment of the house deteriorates, the laughter and joy of children disappear. It means that in their spare time, people do something similar which does not have any benefit or vice versa.

If a man learns to use the remaining time in a meaningful way, then he can escape from many evils and can also get some benefits. Good use of time is the root of progress. Women have more time left than men. After feeding, they have no work. When dealing with work, she either lazily recalls, or sleeps or will sit and talk with other women. Blasphemy and criticism will provoke reprisals and fight if there is any excuse. To be useless is to invite quarrels. If you are educated, then you will continue to read monthly periodicals and novels and so on. Neither for knowledge, nor health, for entertainment, but only for wasting your time.

Today is a time of great stress. Yuga is crying out and warning, ‘Get up and leave the sleepers, keep working all the time. Make meaningful use of each moment of your time. The world is moving forward, you are being left far behind. Work for the progress of yourself, your family and your society, nation. Do not waste time and power in sluggishness, laziness, frivolous entertainment, vain commentary or fighting. Time destroys the man who keeps destroying him. The time that goes by is very valuable. Once left, it does not come back again. The perverse practice of the present destroys the future. The duration of life is limited. Everything has to be taxed in this limited period.

The call of the era is useful and instructive. The utilization of time is the key to all progress. Nation, country, society is backward, personal progress is stalled. All this campaign will move ahead by using the time properly. Laziness, piety, stagnancy, and indolence are harmful. This makes the body sluggish and the mind dead. Efficiency is reduced, efficiency becomes frustrated, man dies lying in the realm of narrowness. Therefore, anyone who has time left should continue to use it wisely. There can be many such tasks which can be consumed in spare time. They can also benefit financially and entertainment needs can also be fulfilled.

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