Sensitivity is also causes of grief

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There are also some psychological causes of grief. One of them is also sensitivity. As such, sensitivity, in general, is a quality. But when it goes beyond limits of justification, then it becomes bad, which results in sorrow. heart of a very sensitive person becomes very weak due to emotionality. That real grief, even away from imaginary sorrows, continues to be anxious and distraught. Just a simple slap of world that changes from moment to moment is enough to make them nervous. It is not a matter of their being able to remain safe from effects of material, circumstances, and coincidences that change and become moment by moment. A negligible situation of world shakes them and they start feeling sad and sad.

This kind of sensitive person creates an imaginary world of his own due to sentimentality and keeps wandering in it. specialty is that their imaginary world is completely different from this real world. Should it be, if their world is not different from this world, then what is purpose of its creation? Due to this difference, conflicts arise in this real world and their imaginary world. Being weak and destitute breaks their world, in which they continue to be sad and anxious. If a man abandons sentimentality, stays on hard surface of reality, behaves according to it, considering every kind of situation as natural order of world, he is ready to welcome it happily, then he will be very much Can protect.

Ignorance is considered to be root of all sorrows. Most of miseries of a man are due to his ignorance. If a person’s ignorance about happiness and sorrows is overcome, then he can get rid of sorrows to a large extent. Happiness and sorrow have no real existence of their own. Their experience is due to confusion or ignorance. If a man can understand this once and believe that happiness and sorrows are not related to any external conditions, it is result of a person’s own experience, then he may not be as impressed by them as it is.

A person’s belief, imagination, feeling is special and his own mental state produces happiness and sorrow. If a favorable change can be brought about in these conditions, then possibility of getting rid of sorrow is not a hypothetical thing. If afflictions of human beings were related to external conditions, then they should have same effect on everyone! But this does not happen. In same circumstances in which one experiences grief and mourning, in same circumstances, other is cheerful and happy.


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