The coordination of self-interest and charitableness

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If you have enough firepower, many enemies can be killed, but wearing a garland of victory will not be beneficial if you make war with a wooden sword. To eradicate the sufferings of the world, it is necessary to raise the morale and mental level of the society. This type of service can be done only when the condition of one’s own self is also powerful and appropriate to do all that. A strong crane machine is required to get the coaches of the fallen train down and derailed. If that crane is weak, fake, broken, useless, then even if no effort and performance are done, the fallen rail coaches will not rise. The same thing is about raising the person and society of today. It cannot be raised on the strength of the general public. He will fulfill the need for a strong crane for him only then he will be able to have true service. With this, the welfare of the world and true human service will be done.

If a portion of a vessel is set on fire, the entire vessel becomes hot and the things kept inside it start to cook. The fire touched only the bottom of the vessel, but the heat was not limited to the bottom but spread throughout the vessel. We can start world service by serving ourselves. The person is not alone. With the whole society, its chain is connected with the whole world. Improvement work, service work should be started by any person, it definitely results in the whole society. If we do our service and improve ourselves, then the whole human race can serve it.

Only by teaching someone to follow the path of love, one can solve their problems and worries. This work can be done only by presenting your ideal, not by preaching. We not only solve our problems by improving ourselves but present them to others and give them such concrete education that they too can achieve peace in the same way as ours. This is the true path of service. In the pursuit of self-improvement, self-improvement, self-service, there is a coordination of self-interest and charitableness.

You want that Muslims, Sikhs, Dravidians, untouchables all understand themselves as the offspring of Bharat Mata and the same tree, cast from the same blood, understand the leaves and introduce national unity. Leave aside your narrow instinct of language, sect, but the classes in which you do not have much penetration, who are sitting outside of you, opposing their selfishness, why will they listen to you? They will understand that it is talking about the benefit of their Hinduism, our enemy. They will not only oppose you, but they will also oppose you, how will you be able to explain them?

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