The matter of victory and defeat was forgotten

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In the remembrance of God, he inadvertently started drowning in his conscience. I started so that I win in the game. But gradually, the matter of victory and defeat was forgotten. Now it just started rejoicing in remembrance. At first, he used to remember at the beginning of the game, but later whenever he got lonely, he would sit and chant Buddha-Buddha. Even after a few days, the game became secondary and chanting became prominent. A sugar candy started dissolving in her mouth. Sum Buddha started getting into memory. While chanting Nam Buddha, he saw an open sky. Gradually, his aspirations were lost. All the time a calm stream started flowing within him.

There was no hope in it. Seeing this, it seemed as if it is centered in itself, staying in itself. He had a unique depth. He was not frivolous, nor was there any shallowness in him. At the end of it, as if a flame was burning innocently. There was a glorious halo around him. Perhaps that is why Sum could not become his enemy even after repeated defeats. He was friendly. Sam may have won as many times, but he never had any egos. Winning as if there was nothing special for him. He had everything to play, then win or lose, he had no purpose. Still, he used to win.

Sum closely watched each of Sam’s behavior. In this sequence, he saw that Sam would shut his eyes a moment before closing each game. Something like that the whole world has stopped. Yes, he had some bubbling in his lips. As if he is praying or someone is chanting or remembering his faith.

Finally one day S asked Sam this secret- Dear friend, what do you do before starting the game? In which world do you get lost before every game starts. Sam said- Dear friend! I just remember God. I recite ‘Nam Buddha’. Maybe that’s why I win. But every time – every time I feel that this victory is not of me but God. I am not winning, God is winning.

Hearing Sam’s words, Sum also started reciting Nam Buddha from that day. Although he had no practice beforehand, he slowly started getting juices in it. The parrot started at the beginning, but the results of the chanting started appearing on the mind. Not only in the depth, but on the surface its clear fruits started to appear. He started getting a little quiet. His tantrums started decreasing. A little shallowness began to decrease. The pain of his defeat began to subside. The ambition to win was also halted. The game is just for playing, such a feeling wakes up in it.

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