The wasteful values of Futurists

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The Futurists neither do any work with full enthusiasm nor with self-confidence. At every moment, he remains aware that he does, but does not know whether luck is successful or not? In this way, even while working, due to superstition in karma and superstition in luck, often its actions also thrive in the opposite direction? Due to which he starts getting scared even doing some small work.

When one of the two karma fades in the desired direction by trying in a bad way, then his confidence in success is completely lost, and by repeated failure, he considers himself a hapless person and later on. According to his belief, he also becomes really unfortunate. In such a situation, while doing some work, misfortune starts to follow him.

The Futurist is also accustomed to dreaming of great success in a small effort. What else can be said than to call a fortune-teller wishing for a profit of a rupee by working with money? But being a worshiper of luck, he cannot understand the ratio of poor work and achievement. And when you do not get the desired success in any work, then by nature you sit with a cry of bad luck.

The fatalist considers everything from one big thing to the smallest thing to be subject to luck in all three periods. In his eyes, effort, hard work, effort, wisdom, learning, wisdom, knowledge, meditation, penance, renunciation, fame, inadequacy, loss and gain are subject to destiny according to pre-fixed legislation. Seeing the importance of karma from day to night and every moment of their lives, even after being inspired by karma, considering everything to be destructive, the future of fatalists who insult karma is dark.

The collapse of any society due to the abundance of fatalistic mandarins is a sure fact. The conditions that are being created are the result of luck – such believers neither resist them nor try to change them.

Time is called wealth. It is not even wrong. People become rich, scholars and mothers by using time properly. To spoil a single moment in any way is to make a big loss.

Just as the proper use of time is beneficial, the misuse of time is harmful. If a man does not do any physical work then his mental waves will be running. Ideas that do not have a purpose behind them, which have no plan to use, they distort the mind. The fantasies of the mind awaken the desires in the mind, such desires which have no clear form, in such a way, they roam around in the mind. In such desires, only distorted desires like sex-work are more.


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