We need worldwide compassion

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Many types of diseases are seen in the world. People are distressed by various types of mourning. In order to eradicate their sorrow, compassion should arise in the heart of a person and for that, he should also strive and sacrifice, but before that, the servicemen will also have to know that world-wide grief, suffering, and suffering – What causes afflictions? Only after knowing the cause can it be treated properly. Only after diagnosis can the disease be properly treated.

The cause of all sorrows worldwide is – ignorance and sin, selfishness and attachment, craving and lust. All the efforts to remove sorrows without removing these Ma are such as applying ointment to the pimples of blood disorders. This does not solve the disease. It is duty-bound to help human beings suffering from immediate sufferings and occasional deprivations, but that alone can neither alleviate the sufferings of mankind nor solve problems. Service rendered by money is considered the most common. With this, some of the problems of humans are simplified for a while. Even the service is done by providing someone with body-care also removes grief for some time. One should not serve body and mind, this is not the purpose, he will continue to do generous heart from time to time, he should do it, but until the life of someone improves, with the help of these bodies and money Even his work will not work.

The empire of unrest, tribulation, and suffering that has been overshadowed today is not the reason for lack of wealth or body happiness. These continue to increase day by day, yet the problems that are increasing are due to the decline of the internal level, character, and ideal of the individual and society. The service of lifting it will solve the world-wide problems, otherwise what is going to be done by constructing a well, building a hospital and a hospice. When the character of people is stepping into unethical conditions like stealing, dishonesty, lies, betrayal, robbery, exploitation, kidnapping, luxury, extravagance, addiction, adultery, etc. then the ill effects and sorrows will arise from these misdeeds. Seeing it to be inaugurated, fodder for cow would be the same as pouring water.

Just as an adulterer brings many into his evil, just as an addict teaches his addiction to many others, similarly a person of good qualities, deeds, temperament must also make some people like him with his influence. It can improve, if their morale and character are of high quality, then its subtle effect can be so intense that it can make innumerable people something from something. Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. great men have made examples of how many people have been made from what they have done with their self-confidence. In the past too, this process has been working in the whole world. People of character and self-confidence alone have done so much work of elevating the world, mankind, as thousands of preachers without self-confidence not do by strangulation and shouting throughout life.We

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